The Best Run Bikes and Balance Bikes.

The products recommended by Run Bikes have all been personally vetted and proven to be safe, comfortable, and the best value for parents.


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We know that for parents, their kids safety comes first.  The brands that we choose to carry represent the highest quality run bikes available.

Run Bikes and Balance Bikes

A Run Bike is basically a bike with no pedals.  These bikes are known by many different names – balance bikes, pedal free bikes, glide bikes, and kid’s training bikes.  Extremely popular in Europe, run bikes help children learn balance and steering, and get them riding a regular bicycle more quickly than training wheels. Run Bikes are available in many different sizes, materials, and colors.  There are also some features and accessories that not all run bikes have, such as brakes.


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Metal Run Bikes

Metal run bikes are generally made from lightweight steel or aluminum alloys.  Aluminum bikes are lighter, but usually have a lower rider weight capacity.  Steel frames are a little heavier, more durable, and won’t rust.  Many balance bikes in this category have adjustable seats and handlebars, which is beneficial to extend the use of the bike for your growing child.

Please take a look at our top-rated Metal Run Bikes.


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Wooden Run Bikes

There is quite a difference to be found in wooden balance bikes.  The higher-end wood frames can last for many years if they are properly cared for.  The life expectancy of the cheaper models will be much shorter.  Wooden run bikes are generally made out of plywood (usually birch).  This material is strong, light, and durable.


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